Petzetel is the new Icelandic aircraft builder.

Leveraging well-known solutions to create the next-generation firefighter.

Dedicated to tackle the challenges of the decades ahead.


Climate change is on us. No country is safe from wildfires. Even those who usually see them as news from elsewhere will soon be battling burning forests.

Therefore, Petzetel is creating new tools to fight wildfires, tailored for the needs of countries who have never experiences those dramatic events.


Based on well-known, proven technologies, Petzetel builds and improves on current firefighting aircraft.

Don’t let Petzetel’s traditional look fool you: it is a brand new, never heard of single engine air tanker. With a cruise speed north of 400 knots, and range over 3000 nautical miles, a retardant capacity well above 12 tons and a constant-flow delivery system, Petzetel is ready to hammer fires all over the world.


Sooner than you think!

The Petzetel proof-of-concept aircraft took off for her first flight on June 6th 2018. She went under intensive testing in Iceland, including battling real forest fires in the summer of 2020.

Petzetel second prototype, featuring all the brand-new technologies we are developing, made her maiden flight on March 4th 2021. She then went to undergo hot conditions testing in Greece, where she gained extensive press coverage.

Petzetel will get EASA and FAA certification as soon as December 2021. Clients from all over the world have already ordered dozens of aircraft. Deliveries will start in 2022.